About Us

About Mehdi

Hello, and welcome to Beloved Brain! I’m Mehdi Nassiri, and I’m thrilled you’re here to join us on this impactful journey. With a Master’s in Medical Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies, my educational journey has always been guided by a strong commitment to community wellness and the betterment of society. The desire I have to become a physician originates not just from a love of the sciences, but also from a deep commitment to people—to make life a little bit better for someone else. I’ve had the honor of being a stepping stone in many educational journey as the creator of Alpha & Omega Tutoring, and I bring that same spirit of mentorship and progress to our non-profit efforts. As the Co-founder of BelovedBrain, our aim has been to create an organization that can make a real, tangible difference. With a particular passion for mental health and community improvement, I helped in the creation of BelovedBrain as a resource, a shelter, and an inspiration for positive change. Together, let’s cultivate a community that prioritizes mindfulness and well-being!


About Lior

Hello, and welcome to Beloved Brain! My name is Lior Angel and I’m an aspiring physician with an insatiable curiosity and a strong commitment to improving our community and the well-being of others. With a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, I’ve spent a significant portion of my time delving into cancer research at California State University Northridge. But that’s just one hat I wear. For over a decade, I’ve been fortunate to work as an educator, where I’ve met and learned from incredible students of all ages. It’s particularly rewarding to work with adolescents, helping them discover their own paths and potentials. My own role as a pre-medical student has deepened my commitment to healthcare. But what brings all these threads together? A deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. And that’s precisely why I co-founded Beloved Brain. Our aim here is to not just talk about mental health, but to foster a community that empowers everyone to take active steps toward well-being. Thank you for being here, and I can’t wait to see how we can make a difference together!